Mind the gap

This page is for the non-conformists among us.

I am odd, I am new

What if the world stopped thinking of autism as abnormal?       Click icon for poem by a 10 year-old.

Autistic empowerment

Dan Edmunds is a psychotherapist in Pennsylvania.       He is involved with the autistic rights movement.       He says there is a need for support with respect and dignity.       He seeks to understand the autistic person rather than trying to change him or her.       Click icon to find out more.

Autism Women’s Network

The Autism Women’s & Non-binary Network (AWN) aims to build a supportive community for Autistic women of all ages.      This group, based in the USA.       It seems to have some interesting posts.      See:

Temple Grandin Is at It Again

She directs autistic adults to “get your butts out of the house, and get a job.”  

Click icon on the left for the article.       There are several comments at the bottom of the article.       Several say that she speaks from a privileged position.

Autism Self Advocacy Network

This is an campaigning and support group based in Washington, USA.       Their strap-line is Nothing about us without us.        See:  website       about       people


Some people have very strong feelings about neurodiversity.             

  • Here is a reaction to Autism Speaks’ change to their aims.
  • The caption on the left is a reaction to Autism Speaks’ change to their aims.
  • The captioned image is taken from Proud Autistic Living – a Facebook page/group that seems to have disappeared.
  • Steve Silberman puts meat on the bones of the contrary view Different not less.       He seems to have a questioning mind.       He has a lot to say about autism.       See Neuro-diversity for more about this author.

Boy in a Band

Here is a video about alternatives to school from the Boy in a Band blog.       Both video and blog are zany but engaging.

Why I loath ABA

This blogger thought she should do some research before  commenting publicly.     The research confirmed her suspicions.       She explains her thinking in detail.         Click icon on the left to see the post.

No one will ever believe you

This Facebook page offers humorous and quirky views of life on the autistic spectrum.       For some it will hit the spot, but it will not be to everyone’s taste.        It is called,  No one will ever believe you – Autism Rants and Escapades.     

Click icon to browse.      For the best view, log in.


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