Autism Awareness

 10 things you should know

Professor Andrew Whitehouse of the University of Western Australia shares his top ten things that everyone should know about autism spectrum disorder.       Click button to watch.

 Me, my autism and I

For autism acceptance month 2023, Ambitious about autism has produced a video to to shine a light on autistic women and girls to increase understanding of the gender gap in autism diagnosis.       Click button to watch.

Our What is it like? page might also be worth a look.

 Not naughty

Ten Ways Kids Appear to Be Acting Bad But Aren’t.       When we recognize kids’ unwelcome behaviors as reactions to environmental conditions, developmental phases, or our own actions, it lets us respond proactively, and with much more compassion.       Click icon for this article from Psychology Today.


Following National Autism Week in 2018, this article poses the question, Can you cope with autistic people simply being themselves?      Click icon to view the article.


Oxford associate professor has a new interpretation of autism distinguishing it from alexithymia.       He concludes, ‘Individuals with autism are not unempathetic, psychopathic monsters.     This is really important … I have heard so many stories about people who simply cannot get jobs or even volunteer their time because of this damaging myth, which causes additional frustration for the parents of autistic individuals.       Individuals with alexithymia are also not psychopaths of course, although they may struggle to understand emotions in a typical way.’      Click icon for article.

  Just be nice

How to help people with autism?      One of the most difficult things about autism is the judgment of other people.      Right now, we are just grateful for any moments of understanding and kindness from other people.       Click the icon on the left to see the article.

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