Autism awareness – 2

  Give me back my son

When Mark and Julie Neary adopted five-year-old Steven, they never imagined that 16 years later they’d be fighting for his right to simply live at home.      It was a fight that lasted almost a year.      After all, why would they think that was a risk?       Steven was just your every-day kind of kid.      He loved football, ABBA, and Mr Bean.     He also lives with severe learning difficulties.        Click icon to see article.

Too much information

  • The NAS ran a public information campaign from 2015-18 about the information overload that autistic children/people can experience.       Click icon on the right for the full picture.
  • Patient talk website introduces a video clip that illustrates sensory overload produced by the National Autistic Society (NAS).
  • This video clip simulates the experience of someone with sensory sensitivity.       First it shows a walk with everything well adjusted then repeats the walk simulating the sensitivity.

Autism, anxiety, meltdowns

  • What a meltdown feels like.       “Why are you freaking out?”       “That child having a tantrum just needs some discipline.”        “What a brat!”         Fifteen people on the Autism Spectrum describe what a meltdown feels like.       Click icon for article.
  • A young lady puts aside the worry and fear of embarrassment and judgment and tries to explain what lies behind the spectacle that one’s own meltdown creates.       See article.

  This is Jim

Jim is a cartoon character. ….. He has autism and would like to spread a little awareness.      Click icon to see his Facebook page..

Professor interviewed

Radio 4 has been broadcasting a series of interviews about Autism.

  • A conversation with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen was aired on Tue 17th Feb 2015.     He is a highly respected authority on autism.       Click icon to listen.
  • On Tue 24th Feb 2015, an interview with a university research assistant with high-functioning autism was aired.     She explained her experience of life with very clearly.

You might still be able to listen to these radio podcasts of these 15 minute programmes. 

Getting support

Getting the right help for a child can be an up-hill struggle.      Click icon to watch video that illustrates some of the problems.

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