March 2014

First Olympic medal

Snowboarder Jenny Jones won the first Olympic medal for Britain on snow in the history of the Winter Olympics.     This was at the Sochi Olympics, in Russia, 2014.     See: The Independent

Then, in the Skeleton event, Lizzy Yarnold won the 10th British Gold medal in the history of the Winter Olympics.      See: Mail Online          This was on ice, not snow – which was what set Jenny Jones’ achievment apart.      So what is the Skeleton?      See  Wikipedia .

Formula 1

Are you looking forward to the 2014 Formula 1 racing season?     Here is the news in the run up to the 1st race, in Austria on the 16th of March.       BBC Sport      2014 Calendar .

Sebastian Vettel, the German driver in the Red Bull team, won last year.      He got into the habit of celebrating with a victory donut – and not the kind you eat.      See for yourself:  Video of donut       It doesn’t do the car any favours.

Understanding boys

Can you read the signs?      Crack the code.     Try the  Fun quiz  on the Girls Life website.

And there is more:  Choice of quizes.

Mars exploration

NASA has been sending unmanned spacecraft to Mars since 1965.      See Introduction.       Take your pick of short videos about the NASA Mars exploration programme:   Video clips.      NASA is the USA government space agency.      For more detail, see:   Wikipedia.

The picture on the right shows Mars explorer, Spirit, on the surface of Mars.       For more pictures and information click on  Mars missions .

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