Support for carers

Support for carers

Lincolnshire Council also offers a broad range of support for carers.     Click icon to browse.     It includes breaks for carers and requesting carer assessments.

The people at Lincolnshire Customer Service Centre can help you directly or point you in the right direction as appropriate.     If you need to talk to someone about your caring role, see their Request support or phone:  01522 782224.

The National autistic society sets out the kinds of support for carers that could be available across England.    Also, the NHS website offers information about support for carers.

Lincolnshire carers service

Carers FIRST1 provides emotional and practical support, advice and information.    Click icon to find out about their Lincolnshire carers service.      Also look under their Online support menu option at the top left of the page.

Resources for carers

Lincolnshire County Council has a guide to Information advice and support for carers.    Click icon to browse.

  • There are quite a few links, in particular Connect to support.
  • The Lincolnshire online resources for carers is a partnership between Lincolnshire County Council and Carers UK2.     This service includes parents of children.     Look for the free access code for the Digital resources for carers link.

Carer’s assessments

Carers FIRST1 have produced  an introduction to carer assessments to see what practical support a carer needs.      Click icon on the left to view.      If you are aged over 18 and you care for another adult, you are very likely to be eligible for an assessment.      First point of contact is the County Council’s Customer Service Centre: 01522 782224

Carers UK2 has produced a more detailed carer’s assessments guide – click icon on the right to view..      There is a factsheet to download.      It has a chapter about adult carers (over 18 years old) who are caring for another adult who is disabled.

  • A carer’s assessment is an opportunity to discuss with the local council what support or services you need.
  • Are your needs the result of you providing necessary care?
  • Does your caring role have an effect on you?
  • Is there, or is there likely to be, a significant impact on your wellbeing?
  • If you, or the person you are looking after, are assessed by the local council/trust as needing support, then you or they have a right to ask for a direct payment instead of having the support arranged by the local council/trust.

The National autistic society also covers carers’ assessments.

Young carers, under 18,  who look after a relative also have a right to have their needs assessed.      See: NHS page. 

Benefits for carers

The NHS publishes a clear and easy to follow guide to benefits for carers, including Carer’s Allowance.      Click icon to browse.      See also:  Carers UK2 for comprehensive information on a range of benefits in which carers might be interested.

For Carers allowance specifically see:  National Autistic Society       Government

 Planning for the future

Parents may have concerns about financial provision for the future.     Click icon for some questions and answers about writing a will from the National Autistic Society.       They offer a wills and trusts phone service staffed by solicitors.     It works on a call back basis.      updated

See our item about support for carers of children.     Support and resources are available for school aged children who care for an adult as well as adults who care for an adult.     See also:  Take a break for subsidised short breaks.


  1. Carers First works directly with, and for, thousands of carers, providing personalised information and tailored support.     They provide support in Lincolnshire.
  2. Carers UK provides support across the UK.      They work with Lincolnshire council on a digital resource platform.
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