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Missing workers

Representatives from three independent groups are discuss the reasons why millions of people in the UK aged between 16 and 64 are neither working nor looking for work.     They seem to offer well informed and sound analysis.     The main reason people give for being economically inactive is long term illness, which may be of interest.Apr 2024

The Institute for employment studies aims to help bring about sustainable improvements in employment policy and human resource management.     The Learning and work institute is a policy, research and development organisation dedicated to lifelong learning, full employment and inclusion..     The Resolution foundation is a think-tank focused on improving the living standards of those on low-to-middle incomes.

Sky news

News under the heading of autism – including an experience of waiting for an adult diagnosis.     As of Jan 2024, this seems to be the only one with a video clip.     You can read about the others.     Click icon to have a look.

Lorna Wing

Lorna Wing played a significant role in the development of the way autism is understood, the founding of the National Autistic Society and the way diagnosis is carried out.     This lecture sets out her contribution.     You may have heard of some of the developments without knowing of her involvement.     Click play button to watch this 40 minute video. 

Tony Attwood

Tony Attwood is British psychologist working as an associate professor in Australia who has quite a few lectures and discussions on Youtube about autism.     They are very informative.     For example, Could it be autism covers some of the more basic points over 37 minutes.    Click icon for a list videos from which to choose.

The life scientific

Francesca Happé is Professor of cognitive neuroscience at the Institute of psychiatry, psychology and neuroscience in London.    This is an interview about her research career and her current projects, including how people with autism experience mental health issues, such as PTSD.    It is a wide-ranging discussion that paints a nuanced picture of autism.     Click icon for a 28 minute good listen.

1800 seconds on autism

From home and family to humour and epic geekiness, this is a funny and enlightening BBC podcast about thinking differently.    Click play list icon for episodes to listen to or magnifying glass icon for transcripts and to download episodes.    Select video and scroll down for transcript.


The episode, on 9th August 2014, featured a very convincing and  well crafted depiction of a teenage boy with autism.     He took a liking to someone playing Eric Clapton on the street.     It could be interesting to know that autistic people are represented on mainstream TV.    Click play button to watch this 5 minute clip. 

My name is Hayley

Hayley wants to know what it will take to get her autistic son the education he needs.     It’s been agreed that he needs specialist provision, but the only place on offer is at a school 45 minutes away, where he would need to get a taxi there and back, every day.     George is non-verbal and, for Hayley, this is not an option.       Click icon to listen.      Released Feb 2023

Stand-up comedy

Ria Lina does some aspie stand-up on The Now Show.    Click icon to listen – 8 minutes in.2021

Children on-line

BBC Radio 4 had a phone-in about protecting children online in Jan 2019.    Click icon for the podcast.    Drag along timeline to 12:40 mins to skip car theft and find the phone-in.

Autism & communication

Michael Rosen finds out about communication with people on the autistic spectrum.     Click icon to listen.

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