Mainstream school?

The National autistic society (NAS) sets out the educational choices for children on the autistic spectrum.     This page takes you through them.

Choosing a school

Your local authority, Lincolnshire, has a duty to give you information about schools that are available and to explain why they have decided to place your child in a particular school.

It must also publish a local offer of provision for children who have special educational needs.      Here is the Lincolnshire local offer.


Autistic children may not understand why they have to do work for school at home.      Click icon for some well considered guidance from the NAS.      Also:

  • Tony Attwood is a well known writer about autistic issues.      He considers whether children on the spectrum should be exempted from doing homework in this article
  • An autism support consultant seems to have a lot of insight to offer in this article.

Also, BBC Bitesize is a free online study resource designed to help with learning, revision and homework.     Click icon for our guide.

Extra help at school

Each school should have a Special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO).      This is the teacher with particular responsibility for SEN.      He/she can talk with parents and teachers to help arrange for your child’s needs to be met.      Click icon for the NAS guide to get extra help at school

Mainstream or special?

If mainstream school would not, or does not meet your child’s needs a placement at a special school may be called for.      Your child or young person will usually need an education, health and care plan in order to get a place.      Click icon for help in deciding whether you think mainstream might be more suitable.

See also our SEN/EHC information page for in-depth guidance from several websites.  

Home educating

Home education is a valid and lawful choice.     There are different approaches to home educating, ranging from self-directed learning to more structured teaching.      It should amount to efficient, full time education.     You don’t need to have any teaching qualifications, follow a fixed timetable, school hours or have any set curriculum, though.     Click icon for a more complete picture.

See also our Home education page.

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