Early years

Potty training

Click icon to find out about autism and toileting, including potty training.     See also our item about special clothing.

  Early years and childcare

Click the page icon to see the Lincolnshire County Council guide to early years and childcare.     It includes providers of childcare and help with costs.

Here is a legal guide to help ensure parents do not miss out on free early years child care and education. 

Click icon to see the guide..

  • Chapter 4 on finding free childcare might be of particular interest.
  • Chapter 9 goes through a number of possible problems and outlines what the law says about them.

Tap button to download, then open in PDF viewer.  

Download PDF – 480KB

For reference, here is Lincolnshire Council’s service plan for childcare providers.

  Right from the start

Ambitious about autism has produced a toolkit called Right from the start to take parents of small children through their autism journey.     It starts from wondering whether a child might have autism, through diagnosis, to getting the right support for their child.     Click icon to find out more.

 Home teaching

Portage is a scheme for teaching pre-school children with special educational needs, new and useful skills in their own homes.      Click icon for more information from their Lincolnshire council directory page.       Parents can refer their child directly.

Life Skills

This booklet offers a practical approach to help parents and carers develop life skills in their young children.     It is produced by Falkirk Council’s Children with Disabilities team. 

Click icon to read this booklet.

Tap button then open in PDF viewer.

Download PDF – 1MB

Early Support

Lincolnshire county council provide an Early support, care and co-ordination service, or ESCO for short.       It is for children under eighteen with complex health needs or disabilities.     To book an ESCO Drop in clinic appointment, phone the Customer service centre number: 01522 782111.     Clinics are held monthly at Children’s centres.

Click button for GAIN web page.

Speech and Language

To find out about speech and language development have a look at our page on the subject.     Click icon to view.


Read about parents whose preschool-age children have either autism or Asperger’s.

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