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Acts of parliament

This page covers the law concerning autism.     The title is, Autism: Overview of policy and services.     Even if you never look at it, it could be reassuring to know that it is there, in the House of commons library.     Click icon to view.

 Ambitious about autism

Ambitious about Autism aims to make the ordinary possible for children and young people with autism.     Click icon to find their website.

  • Their website has very well presented information pages.     Look for the menu icon on the site.
  • It has a lot of on-line discussions.      Look for their magnifying glass icon and search for the topic of your choice.
  • They have produced a straight-forward and practical guide to autism in children under five.      They have a link on one of their Facebook posts.      Alternatively, search for Right from the start on their website to download it.

 Autism help sheets

Options clinical team has produced a range of autism help sheets.     Click icon to browse.     Look for the heading above each help sheet image.     For more about Options autism see our Specialist services page.

 National autistic society

The National autistic society website offers a wealth of information.      Click page icon on the left to browse.      Look under Advice and guidance  at the top of the web page:  e.g. What is autism ?

Here is their 2023-26 strategy to create a society that works for autistic people.     They also have a discussion forum that you can browse or join.

 Lincolnshire family services directory

What can you find around here?      Click icon for their home page.      It used to be the go-to place for SEN & Disability information for Lincolnshire.       If the button for SEN & Disability takes you to a blank screen try:  SEND local offer on the council site.

 Lincolnshire council

The Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) section on the county council website is probably the most interesting part.      It covers local services for families of children with disability.      Click icon to browse.

In particular home page.      For a more about the council’s online presence see our Families page.


Contact for families with disabled children was founded by parents.      They seem to know what is what.        Click icon to browse.       See also their Advice & support page.


The National health service website offers a guide to established medical opinion in the UK.      Click icon for their autism page.

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