GAIN events updates


March 2022:  England is moving away from Plan B in response to Omicron variant risk assessments.      The government is opening up legal restrictions on society and the economy but still publishes guidance to help steer the country away from on-going Coronavirus risk.      Click icon to browse.      See also government overview.


In 2021 we were beginning to re-start GAIN events where possible.      We had some outdoor events when the weather was warmer.

Now we are thinking in terms of outdoor events again for the foreseeable future.      We hope to get something organised before too long but are experiencing a little delay.      31 Mar 2022

Where to look

We plan to keep an eye on developments for signs that the situation has improved sufficiently to start planning events again.

Click icon to see up-coming events.       It will show the most events and the most up-to-date information.       Booking on Facebook is essential for some events.       Tennis may be a good bet to find spare places.

I am not on Facebook

It is possible to browse GAIN events on Facebook without even registering with them.      Although the login panel does obscure part of the window, two thirds is still visible.      Scroll down to see what events are there, as  shown in this illustration.

See also Is Facebook safe? in  Using Facebook

Supportive screenings

If you are undecided about the Savoy cinema’s supportive screenings this article from September 2021 may be worth a look.