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This site is built using WordPress.


The changes in the layout and look of this website since April 2023 reflect improvements in structuring of the content under the surface.    WordPress has been moving in this direction for a while now.

Over time, mobile phone display of the web pages is starting to become more tidy and easy to use.    This is based on screen width and is a step towards responsive design.     Larger corporate websites take a more sophisticated approach to it.

This package made the initial setup work easier.    We can do without a more ambitious setup for some time to come.    It will mean less disruption and better content.

The new grid layout for the home page postsJan 2024 helps:

  • Side panel: search results and update previews
  • to keep costs to a minimum with the free version of the layout software

Response time

Also, pages should appear in a more consistent period of time on a mobile phone than they did before.     This optimisation was helped by another couple of online tools.     A lot of the speed, though, is due to streamlining of some third-party software on the website.

PDF files

When you click a PDF icon the text may sometimes appear uneven, as shown on the right.       Simply click the   icon at the top of the display once or twice and it should become much more readable.

 PDF icon

This icon is by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay – 24943

Web links

If a text link has a line through it like this, .  it means that the link might be broken.     That is the page might not be there anymore.

  Zoom in

If the mouse pointer turns into the magnifying glass icon above on a picture or image just click to zoom in.


Pixabay is the source of many of the images on this website.      Hover over image to see credits.       Image file names often include credits as well.

Error messages

On rare occasions visitors to this website may get an error message like the one on the right, for example.      This is a problem at the computer centre that hosts our website.      It does not mean there is a problem with your computer.      It might be wise to wait an hour or so before trying to view the GAIN website again.      It could take longer but everything should be fine in due


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