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The facility for visitors to this site to leave comments is switched OFF, which makes it easier to keep it safe.        The site became a WordPress blog in November 2013.        It benefits from the rich choice of security plug-ins available.       The development of the WordPress core system and plugins is an on-going process, and they are regularly updated.

You can leave comments on our Facebook or Twitter  pages.        See Contact us for our email address.

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  • Visitor numbers to this site were increasing during 2016
  • Many of them were from outside the UK, particularly the USA
  • A sizable number use the RSS feed
  • As a matter of interest, while Windows is the most popular operating system Linux is quite popular amongst our visitors too.      Please be aware that trying out a version of Linux is technically ambitious, though.      This how to guide might give a rough idea of what is involved, however.
  • The latest site statistics are shown at the bottom of This web site

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When you click the icon show on the left, the text may sometimes appear uneven, as shown on the right.          Simply click the  +  icon at the top of the display once or twice and it should become much more readable.

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