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Earlier employment news seemed to come from the USA but there have been development to report in the UK more recently.

Woodland trust

Does a 12 month paid placement with the Woodland trust sound interesting?       You could work from home most of the time.      Apply by 17 May 2023.       Page taken down now.

 Paid work experience

Ambitious about autism had a programme offering paid work experience for a limited time.       Click icon to find out about it.       The Work experience opportunities page shows what is currently available.     They are getting some opportunities outside London and online now.

 The pattern seekers

Simon Baron-Cohen, a leading authority on autism, has written a book called The pattern seekers.      It explains a new theory of human invention, unpicking the instincts and processes that have driven human progress.       He concludes that the great engine of our advancement as a species has been autistic behaviour.       Click icon for a book review.       See also:  Library      Good reads       Amazon.      The book may be at bit heavy going, though, if you have no medical qualifications.

 Pints of progress

Spotlight Brewery is a social brew collective, providing training and work for people with learning disabilities.       Click icon to listen to a BBC podcast about it.


Ultranauts was set up to demonstrate that neurodiversity can be a competitive advantage.       At the New York-based quality engineering start-up,  75% of workers are on the autistic spectrum.       Click icon to read about it.

 DVLA U-turn

The DVLA has reversed its decision on disclosure for people with autism.     Drivers with autism will only need to disclose diagnosis if their driving is affected.     Click icon for article, dated 5 Mar 2019.

Experts by experience

Have you used NHS services?     Four openings for paid employment for people with learning disabilities in Lincolnshire by the NHS were publicised in 2017.       

Have a look at the 2017 opportunities.PDF

Tap button to download an introduction to the scheme, then open in PDF viewer.  

Download PDF – 540KB

   Click icon to find out about the scheme.

  28 years of service

An autistic man was told that he wouldn’t last a month in his job, but now he is to retire after 28 years of service.        Shaun Condon, 54, worked for almost three decades as a cleaner at Newport Bus in Wales.

  Trail-blazing companies

Read about what these four major companies are doing for autism employment.      Click icon for article

Building careers

One tech start-up’s quest to build careers for people with autism in California.      See article

A teenager named Sam

It can be difficult finding employment when you are on the spectrum, but here is an example of a young man who was able to work behind the bar at Starbucks!

Supported work

The fuss over Lord Freud’s comment, in October 2014, that some disabled people are “not worth” the minimum wage may seem worrying for some.      All the main political parties were at pains to state that all disabled people should continue to be paid at least the minimum wage, though, which gives some reassurance.

Mind campaign

Mind, the mental health charity, believe that mainstream Back to Work schemes are inappropriate for people with mental health issues.     If you agree it might be worth giving their Report summary a look.

But does this apply to people on the autistic spectrum?      See Mental health & autism

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