Here are many of the special schools in Lincolnshire.       They may be of interest for pupils and students with additional needs.

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Ash Villa School 

Ash Villa School caters for students aged 11 – 18 who are admitted to the Adolescent Mental Health Services Inpatient Unit.        See:  prospectus         map


Willoughby School “is an all age (2 – 19) Special School, for pupils with profound, severe and complex learning needs”.         See: website


The John Fielding Special School is in Boston.       They cater for students aged 2 – 19 with a severe leaning disability.        Some are on the autistic spectrum.


Mayflower Specialist School Academy Trust is made up of Aegir and Warren Wood schools.        Click icon for their admissions policy.

Aegir is a specialist academy in Gainsborough for students aged 11 – 19, with moderate to severe learning difficulties.        These may include autism and/or dyslexia.          See:  welcome       website

Warren Wood is a specialist academy in Gainsborough for pupils aged 2 – 11, with a pervasive or complex difficulty.       They could include autism and/or or dyslexia.        See:  welcome           website

Lincolnshire Wolds Federation

The federation is made up of St Lawrence, Horncastle and St Bernard’s, Louth.             They cater for students aged 2 – 19 with moderate to severe/profound learning difficulties and complex needs.       Most are on the autistic spectrum.

North Lincolnshre

Options Group accepts referrals for specialist autistic services in North Lincolnshire.         Click icon to see their map.         They have a school in Humberside for 8 – 19 year olds.           See also Colleges.


The Priory School and the Garth School are part of the Spalding Special Schools Federation, which caters “for pupils between the ages of 2 to 19 with wide ranging special educational needs”.

The Garth School is a “day special school for boys and girls with Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD), Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)”.             

The Priory School is “A special state school for pupils aged from 11 to 16


Woodlands Academy is a specialist school in Spilsby for SEMH pupils – Social, Emotional, Mental Health, aged 11 – 16.        See:  welcome       website       map        review

Eresby Special School, in Spilsby, caters for pupils aged 2 – 19, with a wide range of special educational needs.         See:  directory        website

Pilgrim School

A pupil in Lincolnshire who meets the criteria may be referred to The Pilgrim School.        This school provides educational support for children and young people with medical and/or mental health difficulties and who are too unwell to attend their own school.       The intention is for pupils to be supported during the time they are unable to attend their own school and to be helped to return or to make a successful transition to another placement…

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