On a mobile phone

Perhaps the one thing you need to know about browsing the GAIN website on a mobile phone is that the main menu is accessed by tapping the three bar icon at the top of the display.       It is circled in red on the screen print below.

Using the menu

The GAIN website menu system when on a mobile phone may be a bit unusual, so this page walks you through an example of its use.

Tap or click the three bar icon circled above and the menu appears, taking up a large part of the display below.

Tap or click the down arrow icon circled in red as in the screen print above.        A number of new menu items appear under the Welcome item, as shown below.

Tap or click the words About us.       The menu disappears and the page is displayed as shown below.

Now tap or click the three bar icon at the top of the display to show the menu again.       Only the top level menu options are now showing.

Tap or click the down arrow next to Welcome again – circled in red above.         The next level re-appears.         The down arrow has now been replaced by an up arrow – circled in red below.

Now, if you were to decide that you do not want any of those additional items you could tap or click the up arrow icon next to the Welcome menu item.        Then the extra items under Welcome would disappear, as shown below.

Right menu

There is another menu icon on the right hand side of the screen.        It is circled in red below:

Tap or click it and you get the menu shown below:

It offers shortcuts to this menu guide for mobile phones, this site’s event calendars and links to the most recent page updates on this site.