VoiceAbility offers a range of free advocacy services.       Professionals, family members or friends can make a referral or individuals can refer themselves.      Click icon to find out about their services for people in Lincolnshire.

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Early support

Early Support Care & Co-ordination (ESCO) aims to raise the standards of care for children and young people, aged 0-18 years, who have significant and complex needs and require targeted coordination of services.     Click icon for their Family services directory page.      It includes referral details.      new

See our ESCO support page for more detail.

See also:  Autism awareness      Specialist services     Care & support – for adults     

Autism strategy – government

Team Around the Child

As a guide, a TAC is required where two or more support services are involved.      Click icon for Lincolnshire Council guidance for professionals.

Here is the TAC approach from the website established by Peter Limbrick, who developed this approach.    updated

Sports coaching

The National autistic society has produced a page aimed at sports coaches.       It provides a basic guide to coaching someone with autism, setting things out clearly and simply.       Click icon to see.

Once you have the general picture clear in your mind you might find a list of specific autistic characteristics and tips on how to make your sessions autism-friendly.       See this UK coaching web page.

This cluster of pages is aimed at those who work with autistic children or adults.       If you are not very familiar with the issues and structures associated with autism, these pages might help.

For GAIN leaflets see Welcome.

National autistic society

The National Autistic Society has many pages about professional practice.       Click page icon to browse their professional practice pages or twitter icon for their Autism practice feed.      More specifically see:

Circles of support

Circles of support is run by Every one, a Lincolnshire based charitable enterprise.       The service will help you plan for the future.     They can help you and your family to look at who is there to support you to achieve your plan.      They can help you to plan how you would attend an activity for example or how you could have more opportunities to see your friends.       Click page icon for more information or image for leaflet.       See also Family services directory entry.


Ambitious About Autism offer a range of resources to help get more autistic people into work.      Click icon to find their Employment section.       In 2021 they launched their toolkit to help support autistic young people into the workplace.

Also, the National Autistic Society has a guide to Employing autistic people.   

Life support DVDs

This UK based site offers sex education DVD’s.       Click icon for You, Your Body, Growing Up, Relationships and Sex.       It is their SEND menu option.       See previews:   Kylie’s private worldJason’s private world

Training courses

NICE guidance

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has produced guidance for several aspects of professional practice for autism.        Click icon to browse.

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