Personal reflections

 Adult diagnosis

Here is a discussion that starts with a surprising diagnosis of Autism at the age of 16.       It goes on to consider issues of identity with borderline Asperger’s.

 They thought I was lazy …

They thought I was lazy…when I was just actually autistic.       This is one of many perceptive reflections on life through one female Asperger’s lens.        Click icon for article.

  Socially acceptable

The writer shares some difficulties he experiences trying to mix socially with neurotypical people.       Click icon for article.

  What is Neurotypical?

Writers often ask “What is Asperger’s Syndrome?”      The boot is on the other foot in this article.       For example, it may be difficult to get an opinion from a Neurotypical person.        Click icon for article.

  All a bit autistic?

No, we are not all a little bit autistic.       Click icon for article.

  Stranger darker better

Here is a message to all the self-diagnosed autistic people.        Click icon for article.        It concludes, Trust yourself.     Trust the research you’ve done.  …      Self-diagnosis grants us access to our community and resources to help us live better lives and self-understanding that can radically change how we live.       See also about Sabrina.

  Talk normally please

Ido is non-verbal but this does not stop him from keeping a blog.        In his mother’s guest post she says,  I thought, “Okay, say something now before this becomes a pattern and he becomes insulted.”      As tactfully as I could, I mentioned to her that Ido doesn’t like “high five.” He wants to be spoken to normally.  …      Regularly, Ido gets letters from parents telling him that they now speak normally to their child with autism, thanks to his advice, and that their child is responding positively.        Click icon for article.

  Bob Christian

A father, husband, and poet on the autism spectrum.       His favourite poets are spoken word artists like Neil Hillman.        Click icon to see his profile.       See blog for more contributors to Learn from Autistics.        See also Poetry.

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