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Fleet news has gathered together initial reaction to government delay of its ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel engine cars and vans.     A vehicle rental company chief says that those who have made huge financial and strategic investments in electric technology and mobilised customers and workforces will be worried, whereas others will be grateful for the extra breathing space.     They will hope that costs will come down and consumer attitudes will change.

An association chair thinks the delay is unlikely to change production plans away from electric vehicles towards petrol and diesel.     He hopes tax breaks for electric cars will continue to encourage fleets to electrify.     By 2030, he expects the vast majority of new cars and quite a few used cars will be battery powered.     Click icon for full article.

BBC radio’s Inside science offered an environmental view soon after.     Carbon cuts had been agreed by government with scientific advisors to keep global warming below 1.5 oC above the pre-industrial average.     The PM’s announcement rows back on these commitments because the sooner carbon emissions are reduced the better for limiting climate change.     Click play button to listen.     Starts at 45 secs, lasts 8

BBC radio’s More or less pointed out that although France has not cut its emissions as much as the UK, it still has lower emissions per person though.     The presenter thought this makes France better on carbon emissions than the UK.     Starts at 8 mins 42 secs, lasts 6

Adult learning

Grantham college is offering free adult learning courses.     They include leisure and community courses.     There are also some distance-learning options.     updated

See: brochure 2022

Tour de France 2023

This year Le Tour takes place Saturday Jul 1st to Sunday July 23rd.      See  Official guide.     Daily highlights 7-8pm on ITV4. 

Formula 1

Although Sky sports offers most of the coverage, Channel 4 delivers highlights and the British Grand Prix.     This is on Sun 9th Jul in 2023.*     The race starts 2:30pm.

  • See what is coming up, free to air.     Alternatively, stream online.
  • Also, for the forward looking, here is a video clip introducing Formula E.

Dire straits tribute

Queen on scheduled train

This year, 2018, the queen caught a regular rail service to Norfolk for her Christmas break at Sandringham.      Click icon to see pictures.      In 2017 she recreated the first rail journey by a British monarch – Queen Victoria.

Tour de France

  • Tour de France: 2018:   This year Le Tour takes place Saturday July 7th to Sunday July 29th, Did you know that one of the teams are using disc brakes on their bikes?.
  • Tour de France: 2016:   click icon for article about stage 7 win.      In the end Chris Froome notched up his third tour win for Britain and the Sky team. 

See:  Pictures     Official guide      Froome on 2016

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