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With an increasing inclusion of autistic themes in TV/ video output as well as a treasure trove of entertaining media for children an overview of options might be useful.

  • iPlayer / ITV Hub – free to UK license fee payers.      See guidesiPlayer      ITV hub
  • Youtube – uses a lot of bandwidth with full length films but handy for exploring
  • DVD / Video download – good once you have some idea what a you or your children will like

In the articles below Netfilx is compared to Amazon Prime:

  • Which?   While Netflix emphasises its vast library, Amazon Prime Video has the advantage of being bundled with Amazon’s expedited delivery service. One of Netflix’s main strengths is that customers find it user-friendly
  • Tom’s guideWhile the three most popular streaming services don’t offer exactly the same content, on the whole, Netflix has the most TV shows and movies, the prettiest interface and the widest availability.

 DVD formats

A Region 1 version (USA) will not play on most DVD players sold in the UK – which is in Region 2.      Click icon for more information.

If this guide is anything to go by it also looks like PAL is the format for Europe including the UK.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just getting the correct region code. In addition to this, you need to make sure that the format is also correct.      There are 2 main formats: PAL and NTSC.       PAL is the standard format in the UK, Europe, Australia and China among others so DVDs from those countries will be PAL.

On good websites with UK in the address, DVDs are likely to play in UK machines.       Please be aware, though, that on websites without UK in the address you need to take care to get a version that plays in your machine.

 ITV Hub not working?

A handy tip for problems watching on ITV Hub is to try a different web browser.       Having tried it, Opera coped much better with adverts than Firefox – which froze a lot.     Click icon to view article.

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