Accessing healthcare

The NHS has some quick tips about medicines & medical appointments if you are autistic.

More specifically, Lunettes, in Sleaford, offers SEND friendly eye care.  

Children & teens

Beyond autism, the autism education specialists, have a page about dealing with medical appointments.     They have been working on programmes to give their pupils the support they need to feel more comfortable at GP, optician, and dentist appointments.     They share some of their pupils’ experiences, and tips that parents can use at home with their child.     Click icon to browse.

Raising children, the Australian parenting website, has tips to offer for use before, while waiting and during a wider range of appointments for autistic children and teenagers.

Visiting the dentist may be a source of dread for many, but for people with autism it can be an especially challenging experience.     This article was written by an autism parent after a trip to the dentist.


Autism central is a programme commissioned by the NHS.     They have resources about healthcare for adults with autism.

North east autism society looks at why accessing healthcare is hard for an adult with autism.     The author draws on their own experience in producing the article.

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For more specific guides see our Sensory destinations page.

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