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01476 600074 – GAIN phone number since May 2020.       We now have voicemail in case we miss your call.       In that case we will phone you back.


Postal address:  GAIN Grantham
c/o 9 Eskdale Road
NG31 8EP.

We are located in England, which is part of the United Kingdom, UK, of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


The sheer number of websites about autism and autistic issues can be overwhelming.     They may also cover an extensive range of aspects.

  • Contact us by phone or email.      We should be able to point you to a few websites o specific pages that might be of help.      It may also be a good time for some new GAIN research.       Another point of view can sometimes be useful.
  • For helplines with more to offer see:  Families       SEN/EHC Support –  Education

GAIN support

This is a Facebook group for parents and carers of children with autism – and also adults on the spectrum.      We are looking for members in and around Lincolnshire.      Share your thoughts, experiences and questions in a safe space.      Click icon to view the group profile.


Click icon for GAIN Facebook page and look for Message button at the top to send a message to GAIN.Save



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