Specialist Services

Virtual Autism Hub

Lincolnshire NHS has a new source of autism support for non-clinical enquiries.     Their Autism navigators work directly with autistic adults and parents/carers.     Click icon for more details.


Linkage supports parents and carers of children across the whole of Lincolnshire who are:

  • aged between the age of 5-18 and
  • have special educational needs or learning disabilities /difficulties

Click icon for their Children and families service web page,     It says, If you are not sure if this free service is for you, just call or email for an informal chat about how we may be able to help. We also take referrals from professionals.     This service is free.

See also their Family services directory entry.

Options Autism

This is the new name for Options Group.     They accept referrals for specialist autistic services in North Lincolnshire.     They offer:

  NHS services

Lincolnshire NHS offers a range of services to support people over 18 with learning disabilities and/or autism  in the community.     Click icon for their web page.     The Lincolnshire Family Services directory has a series of pages covering that range of services .

  Cauldwell children

Cauldwell Children’s Centre was opened at  Keele Science & Innovation Park, Newcastle-under-Lyme, ST5 5NT, in 2019.      Click icon to find out about autism services.     Autism services cater for ages 4 – 11.      See also:  Home     FAQ      map.

 Family graffiti

Before Covid, Family Graffiti was putting on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based workshops in Sleaford and Boston for parents – including those with an autistic child.      Children learn via their cognitive process.    They are constantly receiving and retaining information from everything they see, do, hear, witness, touch, taste… but children are psychologically ‘tuned in’ with their primary carer.    Therefore, cognitive behavioural therapy is quicker, more effective and longer lasting when it is delivered via the parent.      Click icon to see if anything is happening now.


The National Autistic Society (NAS) Early Bird Programme is a three-month programme designed to help parents and carers understand their child’s autism and find ways to communicate, interact and generally make contact.      Click icon to find out more.


Advance offers support and housing across Lincolnshire for young people with a learning disability.           Anyone can contact them.     Click icon for their NHS directory entry.     It provides a Grantham phone number.

 Family Action Support

North East Lincs Family Action Support Team (FAST) is a specialist service for families with children with attention and behavioural difficulties, including Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other complex needs, aged 3-17 years.     Click icon for their page on the National autistic society website.

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