Occupational therapists

 Why occupational therapy?

Why is occupational therapy important for autistic children?      Many are said to have a sensory processing disorder.      Where needed, occupational therapists may be able to help students to become functional in a school setting.

Although this article is aimed at professionals it can give parents some idea about help that is out there.      Click icon to see this National Autistic Society article.

Here is a booklet that gives an occupational therapist’s view of sensory issues.      It provides many tips on reading the signs, outlining coping strategies.*

   Click icon to browse.

Tap button to download, then open in PDF viewer.  

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 Find a therapist

The Royal college of occupational therapists has a handy facility to search for OT practitioners.      Click icon to browse the results for children and adolescents in the Grantham area.      To see what credentials practitioners on their website have see: about.      For background about this sector see: Independent practice. 

Sensory issues

Below are a few of the occupational therapists from the search results above who address sensory issues:

  • An obvious choice might be Children’s sensory therapy       Clicking the map option shows a location in Grantham but their website only seems to have a Nottingham clinic.
  • Rebecca Johnson describes herself as a Sensory integration practitioner.     She has experience with infants and offers visits to a Nottingham clinic, according to the map option.
  • Kerry Delany describes herself as a Specialist Occupational Therapist and Sensory integration practitioner:      Their is a location shown in Grantham on the map option.
  • Conor Mc Donagh looks like a more analytical Sensory integration practitioner, among other things.       There is a Grantham location on the map option.

There are more sensory specialist occupation therapists listed in the search results, if you want to be more thorough.

Sensory room

Have you been to the Belton lane children’s centre ?      They have a sensory room which is free to use.

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