May 2014


Have you seen Dr Lily Chao?       She is a trainee doctor in the TV series Casualty.      For an easy-reading  introduction, with pictures, see Dr Chao.      The actress is not as scary as her on-screen persona.

“The BBC have described Lily as an intelligent, logical, high-achiever who comes from a hard-working family that like to boast about their doctor daughter, but have never really told her they are proud of her.”       For more about her, see  Wikipedia .

Dispite all the trouble that Dr Ashford, her mentor, has had with her, he has asked for her to be kept on at the Casualty unit.

Is Formula 1 going green?

This year things have changed more than usual.      Under the  2014 rules  there is a fuel limit.     Cars are using hybrid technology, which helps them to work within that fuel limit.       An electric motor helps to slow the car when braking, which  generates electricity  to be stored in a battery and re-used when accelerating.       This makes the cars  more responsive when accelerating and saves fuel.       Less fuel means less weight, which saves more fuel.

The Red Bull team has won the past 4 years’ Constructor’s Championship titles, but this year  Mercedes  is leading.      Here is a  video explaining the secret of their success.       Don’t worry if you do not understand everything very well.      It is not all that easy to follow.

Red Bull’s James Newey is critical of F1’s new green credentials.      Also Mercedes’ Sebastian Vettel says that the noise of the race is not as good as it used to be.      Many fans agree .

Lap times are not quite as good as they were last year.    After the Australian race, though, the Mercedes director said,  ‘These cars are going to go quicker than the old ones in a couple of races’ .

Richard Branson

Have you heard of Richard Branson?      He founded Virgin group, which today controls 400 companies that do a number of things.      He has spoken about his own dyslexia and some say that he has Asperger’s.

People with Asperger’s tend to be unconventional.      This can sometimes be an advantage.      Richard Branson has defied convention in quite a few ways, often with considerable success.      Click icon for a biography that illustrates this.      His achievements are legendary.      Also here are some of the highlights of his career.      The picture is of a Virgin jumbo jet.

Bryan Adams

Have you heard the word Yuppie?      It stands for young urban professional and it came widely into use in the 1980’s.     This was the time when  Into the Fire:     

For a brief introduction to his career, see  Bryan Adams.

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