Cannot face school

What can I do if my child won’t go to school?      The National autistic society (NAS) has produce a practical guide for parents.      It includes some tips for finding out why.     Click icon to view.

Leicestershire NHS has a page about understanding the reasons why a child may not want to attend school.     They identify two possible causes: trauma or burnout.     See also NAS guide to autistic fatigue.


Click icon to read about some experiences in an online discussion.    They show different approaches on the part of the parents.     Kathryn, mother of a teenage girl, waited it out for over a year and eventually she found her way through.     She went on to university later on.

A teenage boy was signed off school after a mental breakdown.     Bid, his mother, set him a daily timetable for the basics of life, including some computer time.     After 3 months he was able to manage some home tuition.

In some cases things seem more difficult, though.     In a different discussion Mountain Pika, who posted the initial question, has tried a long list of things with little success.      Velivica found that a system of treasure tickets from school worked for her son.

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