We, at GAIN, are a local UK based support group.       Looking along the top of the pages on this website, please be aware that the activities, events and services under the Events and Wider Area menus are located in our corner of the UK.

It might be worth trying the other parts of this website, though.      The material there is more likely to be of interest to people everywhere.

We are located in England, which is part of the United Kingdom (UK) of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

 USA and UK

Does a brief introduction to autistic support in the USA sound like it might be worth a look?       Click icon to view.

In the UK it may be that we test ways of addressing autistic issues more thoroughly before using them widely.       See Treatments & therapies about a Rapid prompting method to get a feel for the kind of scrutiny, or critical analysis, involved.       A US self-advocacy group’s legal initiative features in the back story to the article.


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