Poetry – the old vicarage

The old vicarage

Can you finish the sentence “Stands the Church clock at ten to three” ?     It is from The old vicarage, Grantchester, by Rupert Brooke.     He wrote it fin 1912 in Germany, feeling nostalgia for England.     Click icon for the poem.     

This summary and analysis by Dr Tearle at Loughborough University seems to offer an understanding of what the poem is about.     Maybe these recent musings prompted by a visit to another church might be of interest, too.

Maybe something on this page will hit the spot.

Famous poems

Jabberwocky by Lewis Caroll.*      A riot of imagination from the author of Alice in wonderland.
I’m nobody! Who are you? by Emily Dickinson.new      Brief and amusing.
Leisure by W H Davies is often quoted.      It starts, What is this life …
– a poem set on a quiet railway line from a bygone era by Edward Thomas.
How do I love thee?  – a reflective poem by  Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

Alexander Pope

Alexander Pope was an English poet and satirist, who is considered one of the most prominent of the early 18th century.       Click icon for an introduction of a couple of his poems.       new


Click the icon on the left for a collection of poems by Jason, a local poet living in Lincolnshire.

They are pithy and readable reflections on experiences of life.

Popular poems

Wind On The Hill by A. A. Milne – author of Winnie the Pooh.
Be Proud Of Who You Are by S. Raine
The Galloping Cat by Stevie Smith.       A humorous lesson in differing views.
As I Watch You Grow by Kay Theese

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