Our story

Our founder member, Jane Emery recognised the absence of  one-to-one support for those struggling with (or without) a diagnosis of this condition.      She became our first GAIN chair, when she set up the support group in 2006.

After Jane stepped down, due to ill health, Christine Barrs was promoted to serve for several years as chair.     With the help of her committee,  Christine did a great deal to put GAIN on the map.     There was Picnic in the paddock each autumn, a Christmas party each year and quite an extensive series of speaker meetings from people involved with autistic support.     She put a lot into building the team that took over from her, standing down in 2013. 

Edward Mayes was then elected as chair and developed our range of events for children, which he had already started with cinema screenings.      See events for more about these.

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