ADHD – Hyperactivity

ADHD foundation

The ADHD foundation seeks to improve the life chances of those living with and impacted by ADHD.      Click icon for more detail.      They offer services for several groups, including families and adults.

In 2017 they published a report looking at the impact of ADHD and what needs to be done to improve outcomes for children.

They say that people with ADHD have symptoms in several situations that consistently impact their development, education and family life.     Such people face stigma, even among the medical community, despite clearly identified abnormalities in the brains of those with the condition.     Up to two thirds of cases persist into adulthood and such people are often highly creative, divergent thinkers, and excellent problem solvers.*

ADHD is quite common but remains underdiagnosed and access to services and treatment in the UK is limited and inconsistent.     Analysis has found that around half of children with ADHD have not been provided with access to specialist healthcare services as recommended by National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE).     Many diagnosed with ADHD are not offered counselling, therapy or additional support in school/college after seeing a specialist.     new

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Gillian’s story

Gillian is a seven-year-old girl who cannot sit in school.      She continually gets up, gets distracted, flies with thoughts, and doesn’t follow lessons.      Click icon for the rest of her story.      It follows her into adulthood.*


ADDitude magazine is about ADHD.      Here is an article that looks at not good enough anxiety, when people to set unattainable personal standards, compare themselves to others, and never quite feel good enough.      It looks at the overlap between perfectionism and ADHD.      Click icon for more.      Maybe you might want to pick out one thing to work on.

  What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition that makes a person inattentive, impulsive and hyperactive.      Click icon for the NHS introduction.      See also:  Young minds 

Adults with ADHD

AADD UK is a site for and by adults with ADHD.       It is run by a small group of volunteers.

The science

Click icon for an outline of some recent research on ADHD.      It describes how the brain works in someone with the condition.      To find out what science tells us about the benefits of fish oil for children with ADHD, see our page Does fish oil help?

Find out more

Here are some books available from Grantham public library.        If the book you want is at another library you can ask for it to be brought to Grantham and reserved for you.       Amazon. also has books on ADHD.

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