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Lincolnshire County Council provides Early Support, Care and Co-ordination service, or ESCO for short.     Here is their Introduction to ESCO.    

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The eligibility criteria  have been extended from children with complex health needs or disabilities under five to include young people up to eighteen years of age.      You need an appointment to see someone.

To book an ESCO appointment, phone the Customer Service Centre number: 01522 782 111.    They offer virtual drop in appointments via phone call.    These are an opportunity to meet an ESCO key worker for a one-hour session to discuss the services and support available.     If you are not sure whether to make an appointment the call centre staff can help with this and may even be able to suggest alternative options.updated 

They can tell you dates times and places where ESCO appointments are available in your area.        They can also give you the name of the person you will see.     Appointments are scheduled for 1 hour in length.

They will ask for your name, address and language – in case you need a translator.     They will ask for your child’s disability and what support he/she needs.      Parents often do not know what support is needed, which is helpful for your adviser to know.     They will ask whether your child has been referred.      A referral is not needed, though.

Team around the child

Where needed ESCO may put together a Team around the child (TAC).     Click icon to see how this works in Lincolnshire.      Also:

  • The TAC approach is outlined on the TAC interconnections website.updated      The approach shares information and supports teamwork around disabled children.     The website was established by Peter Limbrick who developed the TAC approach.     Click the Complex needs button below to find out more.
  • This link, from an autism mum’s support website, gives a feel for how things might work in TAC meetings.
  • Click Next button to find out about the TAC approach.

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