Team around the child

Team around the child

TAC interconnections offers an outline of the Team around the child approach.     Click icon to view.    The approach shares information and supports teamwork around disabled children.     The website was established by Peter Limbrick who developed the TAC approach.updated

They have put together a guide in the form of letters to parents and professionals to introduce key experiences faced by many families in this situation and to highlight their needs.     It is intended to support families of children with complex needs and the professionals who care for them.       

Click icon to browse the guide.

Some of the free essays by Peter Limbrick might look interesting, e.g. Impairments are only half the story for a family – Letter to


In Lincolnshire ESCO arranges support for children with complex needs.    They may use the Team around the child way of organising things.     Click ESCO button to find out

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