Home Education

What does home education mean?       Who is responsible for what?      See:  FAQ on Home Education Special website for quick and clear answers for the UK.

Doc iconTaking over the responsibility can be an attractive option for some parents, but is it for you?

  • To read about parent’s experiences  click icon.       A net mums search on home schooling should get a good list of results.
  • The Family Education website offers guidance and some basic resources:   Pros       Cons        Guidance & resources        It is part of the  Family Education Network based in Boston, USA and linked to Pearson Education, Inc.

Doc iconFormal guidance

Elective home education is the official name.       Click the icon on the left for the information and resources Lincolnshire County Council publishes.       It provides a step by step guide as follows:     

The UK government also produces guidance about home education.      These set out a parents rights and responsibilities. 

Links to browse

  • Tips – A fairly common sense checklist if you are an autism parent.       See also: ideas.
  • ELL – Addressing special educational needs where English is a second language for pupils


The Home Education Network website points visitors to resources in their part of the UK.

  • For the East Midlands see:  Home       Local Groups       Notice the tabs along the top:  Home, Advice, Local Groups, Useful Links.
  • For the UK see Index and choose your region of the country.