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Autism East Midlands

Autism East Midlands was originally formed by a group of parents keen to find the right support for their children.    They run family support hubs, notably in Newark, Nottingham and Leicester.    These are for parents/carers, and children 11 and under to attend, and no autism diagnosis is necessary.    They are free of charge, and there is also a teen hub.     Click icon for more detail.     They also run free parent workshops on Zoom.

North Lincolnshire

Care plus group offers a full range of services for autistic adults, including specialist autism diagnostic assessment for adults to enable them to live the life they want.      Click icon to find out more.      They also offer learning disability support for adults in transition.      They serve the area around Grimsby.      new

The Carers’ Support Service is a charity that serves North and North East Lincolnshire.      Click icon then select your region to browse.     They have a page for young carers in North East Lincolnshire.

See also: SEND for North East Lincolnshire Council.


Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) provision was reformed in 2014.     Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans are for children with complex needs.      See below:       


Autism East Midlands aim to ensure people with autism can live their lives with dignity, choice and independence.      Click icon on the right for their website.

Founded by a group of parents in Nottingham in 1968, they do a lot in Nottinghamshire, particularly in the Nottingham area.updated     Have a look at Adult services or Child services.      They have Family support hubs in Nottingham and Newark.

Find more

  • Here is an introduction to local support groupsPDF in the Nottinghamshire area from the council.       It includes several in Nottingham city and suburbs.
  • With Family Support Directory visitors can search a large database.      After using the Search option along the top of the page there are options down the left hand side to narrow things down.      Here are search results for SEN support groups.
  • Nottingham Autism Support Services offers a range of paid-for services.      As a group of ex teaching assistants working in special education, the founders recognised the need to have professional, properly qualified and experienced staff to work with people on the Autistic spectrum.

Lincolnshire autistic society

The society offers information on Autism, support groups and county updates.       They organise a conference each year in March.      It is very well attended and GAIN is regularly represented there.

Click icon above to view the society’s website, including contact details and up-coming events

Also, there are some county-wide services in Lincolnshire and the surrounding area.      See also our item about Lincolnshire Autism Partnership.

Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum

This is the new name for Lincolnshire Parent Carer Council.      They are an independent small charity run by volunteers made up of parent carers of children with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities.      See their Welcome page for more about them.

Click icon for their home page and see what is happening in Lincolnshire.

Leicestershire support

  • Leicestershire Autistic Society is a volunteer led organisation.       See Support/activity   
  • Leicestershire Support for Carers is a community based organisation run by Voluntary Action South Leicestershire      See Website         See also In Your Area, e.g.  Organisations in Melton
  • ADHD Solutions is an independent initiative that works across Leicestershire and Rutland.       They aim to improve the life chances of children, young people and adults.       See website
  • Get the right help for adults with a learning disability.       The Leicestershire Learning Disability Partnership Board has a page about Living independently at home.
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