Autism on Facebook

Here is a small selection of pages related to autism on Facebook.


Contact – for families with disabled children – was founded by parents.     They seem to know what is what.      Click icon and login* to Facebook to get to the point.

Autism discussion

Autism Discussion Page is the title of this Facebook page.       It contains brief articles with comments.       Anyone registered with Facebook can add their own comments.

Ellen Notbohm

This Facebook page offers a handy starting point for several topics from the author Ellen Notbohm.       The award-winning author is known for her popular books and columns on autism, published worldwide in more than twenty languages.     See the website.      The Blog and Articles menu options might be worth a look.

Autism on the Mighty

We have a number of links from The Mighty on our website and Facebook page.      This page picks out autism related material from their website.      Click icon to browse.

Evidence-based optimism

The thinking person’s guide to autism is a forum intended to encourage visitors, To think, ask questions, question the media, and learn from each other.        The people behind it say, Autism misinformation clouds and is perpetuated by the Internet.     We want to make accurate information about autism causation and therapies visible, accessible, and centralized.

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