Children’s Centres


Click icon for an introduction to Lincolnshire’s children’s centres, including a list of centres in the county.      The range of services at centres may vary according to local need. 

For general enquiries, phone them at the Family information service0800 195 1635.     Alternatively email them at:

Download PDF – 660KB

Find a centre

With Covid restrictions easing, children’s centres have been gradually welcoming families back.      Click icon to find your nearest centre.     

  • Try searching with your town or village as key word.
  • See also a list of centres in Lincolnshire.

When you find it, look out for the events button.      It looks like the one on the right.

  • If there are no future events, try contacting the centre to see if they can email a calendar of events to you.
  • Another option would be to click the Join on Facebook button.      update

Some children’s centres provide access to the services for children with additional needs that are outlined below.

ESCO support

Early support care co-ordination (ESCO) is a service for children with additional needs.      It caters for ages 0 – 18.       Click icon for Lincolnshire council’s webpage.     

  • Their Family services directory page has a list of centres offering ESCO appointments.       It provides the appointment booking number: 01522 782111.
  • See also our ESCO support page.

Sensory rooms

Quite a few children centres have a sensory room.      Click icon for our sensory rooms page.

You can find out whether a centre has a sensory room by looking it up on the Lincolnshire council list of centres.      Look under the Facilities heading for a centre.

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