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Our aims

This website aims to point people to sources of information and support that might help with the following:

  • Parents and carers may want to find out about the nature of the autistic spectrum.
  • They may be looking for ways to support their children or young people in coping with the challenges of life and in reaching their potential.
  • Experiences of other parents and carers may help in getting a better idea of how things work.

We are targeting towns around Grantham:  broadly speaking, South Lincolnshire,  and
adjacent parts of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

The menus

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  • The Adults section is aimed primarily at adults on the autistic spectrum, their
    parents and carers.           The Resources section would also be worth a look for this group.             Some pages may also be of wider interest.
  • The Events section provides information about events we at GAIN put on plus some other events activities and services that may be of
    interest.             They are generally in the Grantham area and all are in the UK.
  • The FAQ section is intended to offer introductory and quite easy reading material.
  • The Resources section offers a guide to the information available to parents and carers, primarily of children with autism.              It also points to sources of guidance and help and support.               Quite a bit of it is specific to Lincolnshire, notably in Resources and SEN.
  • The Wider Area section covers support groups activities and services in Lincolnshire concentrating on the South of the county and touching on adjacent parts of Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.
  • The Teen Scene section is an on-line magazine aimed at adolescents and teenagers.           It aims to help readers to wind down and broaden their range of interests.

Keeping up to date

The RSS menu below offers lists of recently updated pages or recently created posts  (Events option).         The idea is to make it easier to keep up to date with this site.          It is also displayed on the Home page – top right.

The list of recently updated pages below combines the Adults, Parents and Students categories.