Grantham Children’s Centres

Now open

Children’s centres have been gradually welcoming families back.      Check out what is on offer, either on the links below or on Facebook.      You might need to join the Facebook group to view the content.      Select Featured tab.

If there are no future events shown, the children’s centre can probably email you a list of events.      update

There are two children’s centres in Grantham, Belton Lane and Swingbridge.      Click icon for our guide to the Belton Lane centre.

Children’s & community centres provide access to services for children that may have additional needs, though the range of services at any particular centre may vary according to local need. 

  • Lincolnshire County Council website has:  Swingbridge     Belton Lane.      Both pages show a list of facilities.      updated
  • The Belton Lane phone number is given as 01522 550901.      It does put you straight through to the Grantham centre.


We have three pages on this website about services at children’s centres that could be of help for children with additional needs:

ESCO support      Kids’ support      Sensory rooms

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