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SEN SOS provide a range of information, advice and support to help parents find their way to securing SEN support for their children.      Click icon to find out about it.      If it looks interesting, have a look at:

If you think that your child may have Special/Additional Educational needs (SEN), you may need to find someone who will take the time to listen and discover for themselves what your child is like and what he or she needs.      It might have taken you years of devoted attention to piece together your own insights and it may take some time for others to catch up with you.     See also our Diagnosis and school page.

The first port of call for parents with concerns about their child’s Special Educational Needs (SEN) may be the school Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator or SENCo for short.

 Contact helpline

Contact (for families with disabled children) was founded by parents.     Have a look at Who are we?      Click page icon to find out about their helpline.     

You can get in touch with Contact by phone, email or social media.      Look out for the Live chat button at the bottom of your screen on their website. 
See also their FAQ tool.


LIAISE provides free and confidential information, advice and support to parents of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability.      This might be a good place to look next for parents with concerns about SEN.      Click icon to see how they can support you.

  Acall back’ can be requested on 0800 195 1635.      They also have an online contact form.   

Social communication outreach

Pupils on the autistic spectrum may find it hard to fit in at mainstream school or college.      Settings may not have the expertise to adapt to the needs of such pupils.      The  Working Together Team may be able to help.      Click icon to find out about it.

 Ombudsman complaints

Click icon to find out how to complain to the Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman.       See our item about trends for complaints.

  Educational psychology service

Click icon for an outline of the service.      To find out how it works see: The team.

Click icon for an outline of the service.      To find out how it works see: The team.
See also: PDF resources: FAQ     Charlie’s case     pupil’s guide.      

See about CAMHSChild and Adolescent Mental Health Services – in our Families page.

  Ace Education

ACE Education provides independent advice for parents on education issues in England.      It outlines their confidential telephone advice line.      See also call charges.

  Education Rights

The National Autistic Society has several pages about extra help in school.       Click page icon to browse.      Their help and advice contact details may not be showing, though.


Independent Parental Special Education Advice (IPSEA).       They offer legally based information and advice to help get the right education for your child or young person.      Click icon for their website.      Have a look at:   Our services       Get support     Sarah’s story


IPSEA:   When Local Authorities make certain decisions about the education and/or training of a child or young person with SEN, there is a right of appeal  to an independent Tribunal       See: SEND tribunal   

Coram legal centre:   Legai Aid may be available if an EHC assessment is refused.     Officially legal aid comes through Coram 
See:  how we do it

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