March 2015

High speed rail

A new railway line from London to Birmingham and beyond is planned.     It will be called, High_Speed_2,     Click map to enlarge.

In the April 2014 issue of Teen Scene we looked at Eurostar, which runs along the high speed line from London to the Channel Tunnel (HS1).       Since the HS1 line was built, commuters from Ashford, not far from the tunnel, have been able to get to London in a fraction of the time they could before.      Local news for Leicestershire covered this story.      See video clip and click on picture of train to watch.      They said things might be similar in Leicestershire when the new line is in use.      The Birmingham station will not be very far from Leicester.

Not everyone is happy about spending a great deal of money getting more people to work in London, but HS1 has helped to make homes more affordable for such people.      Mayors and business leaders, in 2022, say that the new line will be essential to level up, the country, though others say it will not do much to help with this. 

Night School

“When everyone is lying, who do you trust?”       This is not the kind of book you are likely to read at school.
Here are some Reader’s reviews.       Some of them loved it, for example a Harry Potter fan.       It may well keep you in suspense.

Click play button for a slide show of the cast from a dramatisation of the book.

Books from the series are available at  Amazon.       One of them is available at Public libraries in Lincolnshire.       See: Endgame   

How do you like your guitar?

Here are some rock guitar tracks.     Imagine a huge outdoor rock concert.     Now listen to Arena Rock, by Steve Morse.

Then there is the more thoughtful  Turn the Page by Metallica.      Going back further, there is Eric Clapton’s classic rock song Layla.      This recording features the drummer, Phil Collins from the band Genesis.

A new generation of young ladies has started playing rock guitar.     Here is The Trouper by Iron Maiden.     It is fast and furious, and it is played for us by a couple of guitarists from the all female tribute band  The Iron Maidens.

This one might sound more technical, Morning Star by Vinnie Moore, played for us by a teenage boy.     He has even managed to make up a little bit himself.      Here is The original, in case you want to compare.

Have you heard of classical/rock crossover?      This track is called April Sky.     Guitarist, Vinnie Moore has brought a couple of classical pieces up to date.

Harry Potter

How much do you know about Harry Potter?       Try this basic Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry might be a good place to start.       Harry and his friends,  Ronald and Hermione, are students there.         The school is set in Hogwarts Castle.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the final Harry Potter book.       You can see a quick preview on the film makers website, and here is an introduction to the Deathly Hallows.

If you are looking for a challenge, here are the quizzes from the Wizarding world.  

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