Welcome to Teen Scene.       This is where you can find our magazine-style series of web pages aimed at teenagers – it might even suit some pre-teens.      Hover over the Teen Scene Menu above to see the list of pages.

Teen Scene had a lady writer a while back.      See The Wedding of the Year in the September 2014 issue.

There are some more recent articles in Special Interests that might be worth a look for our more grown-up readers.



Childline is free, private and safe.      You can be yourself.      It is for anyone under 19 in the UK.      Click icon to have a look at their website.       Have a look at their advice pages or get in touch about anything:  online or on the phone at any time.

 Be smart

Students share their stories about pressures they face online and how they have tackled them.       From awkward selfies to a chilli challenge – explore their stories.       Click icon  for their video clips on the BBC website.      new

 Neuro wonderful

Amythest Schaber is an artist, writer and public speaker.       She understands autistic life well, and puts it across in a cool way.       Click icon to see her range of videos.

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