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Grantham Autistic Information Network (GAIN) is dedicated to supporting parents and carers of children and young people on the autistic spectrum.       It is a not-for-profit voluntary group based in the market town of Grantham, in the rural county of Lincolnshire, in the British Isles.        It is Tax Registered as a Charity with HMRC.

Our founder

Our founder member, Jane Emery recognised the absence of  one-to-one support for those struggling with (or without) a diagnosis of this condition.      She became our first GAIN chair, when she set up the support group in 2006.

Our story

Click icon for a potted history of GAIN since it was founded in 2006.

Our events

Mainstream events are not always suitable for children with autism.       Click icon to find out why we put on events.

We held coffee mornings at Belton Lane children’s centre before Covid, and other events at Ambergate sports college a good few years ago.       We keep in touch with both of them.

See our events page for other venues.

Our donors

Thanks to all our kind donors, including: 

Moy Park2023   Autism Support Network2021   Fox & Hounds    Newton House Nursery     Start Right Nursery    Sunrise Rotary    Meridian Daylight Lodge    Sleaford Funday     

Also: Girl Guides,  Co-op branch,  Firefighters and Walt Disney Cinema.     Thanks to our individual donors, too.     We have a page about donating.

Follow us on-line

Follow us on-line

Our website: www.gain-grantham.co.uk

1.  It is easier to browse Facebook if you register but you can view posts for specific events, without interruption, just by clicking on the links on this website’s home page.
2.  It is even possible to browse Facebook Home or Events pages without registering – though they will ask you to do so from time to time.
3. We have a private Facebook group called GAIN support.

To browse Twitter, click the icon and log in.

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