Why do we put on events?

Children with autism tend to be happier with familiar places and routines, so they may prefer to stay at home when possible.       When they go out they want destinations that meet their particular needs.      Although needs vary from child to child  we aim to make our events autism-friendly.       For example:

  • Animals are said to be good for autistic children.     The children may feel inhibited in social situations but contact with animals may provide a social lubricant.
  • Our cinema screenings are a bit more calming and relaxed than most.      See notice.
  • Putting on some events with restricted numbers helps to make them less stressful.

Our events get children who are on the spectrum away from their computer games and out of the house.       We hope they also help to improve awareness, in the children, of the world around them and make it seem less daunting to venture out.

Those that have limited places are much in demand, with quite a few becoming fully booked quickly.       Click Facebook icon for the most complete list of up-coming and past events.

Autism is described as a spectrum condition because there is wide variation in the type and severity of symptoms people experience.       Our events may suit mild to moderately affected children.

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