Coronavirus resources

Getting vaccinated

Click icon to find out the latest on Coronavirus vaccinations in Lincolnshire.       As of Oct 2022 they were still using the Table tennis centre at the Meres leisure centre on Trent Road, Grantham, NG31 7XQ

The Lincolnshire online booking system may be more helpful than it was for a year or two – when it re-opens.Jul 2023     See NHS booking guide.

Here is the UK government’s Coronavirus information page.

Easy read

Mencap has several easy read guides for the life under current Coronavirus restrictions.      Click icon to browse.     


The NHS continues to update its Coronavirus page.       It is straight forward to browse.      Click icon to view.

Face coverings

Professor Ellen Townsend makes a plea for compassion for those who cannot wear face coverings.       She outlines the many reasons why some people may not be using a face covering.       Professor Townsend leads research at the School of Psychology, University of Nottingham.
Click icon for article.       See also:  Mask anxiety

Social story

Here is a social story about seeing people with face masks.        Click icon to take a look.      If it is not just what you want, does it give you any ideas?      See also: free images

Lincolnshire heritage & culture

Lincolnshire County Council have a number of short stories from long ago, produced by Lincoln Castle, on Youtube.       Click icon to see the list.

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