Coronavirus resources

Return to school


The National Autistic Society has set out guidance for parents of children on the autistic spectrum about the return to school in September.       Click icon to view.       See also directive to schools about support of SEND pupils.        new


The NAS has also set out answers to questions about the way the return to school in September affects children with an Education, Health and Care Plan.        Click icon to view. 

Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum seem to do quite a bit of what you might call heavy lifting.        Click icon to see their Coronavirus articles on the right hand side.        Notably, a ministerial SEND letter, of Jun 2020, about plans for the return to school.

Ambitious about autism

On the Ambitious about Autism website, find:  Home > About autism > Coronavirus
– The Coronavirus resources page has some easy reading downloads.
– They have a couple of pages about the return to school.       Look for it in Corona > Education.       new

They have also published a children’s story, The world has turned upside down.        Click icon and scroll down to find it.       There is also a link to their website at the top of the Twitter feed.


Face coverings

Professor Ellen Townsend makes a plea for compassion for those who cannot wear face coverings.       She outlines the many reasons why some people may not be using a face covering.       Professor Townsend leads research at the School of Psychology, University of Nottingham.
Click icon for article.       See also:  Mask anxiety

LPCF events

The Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum  has three virtual events planned for Sept/Oct – so they will be Covid safe.

  • Signposting and information
  • Wellbeing workshops
  • Time2talk – coffee mornings

Click icon for their publicity.        See also their events web page.

Emotional wellbeing

There seem to be some new  resources and services developed to support for emotional wellbeing and mental health in Lincolnshire.        Click icon for GAIN guide.

Resources and updates

National Autistic Society has collected together resources and news about Coronavirus.        Click icon to browse.        Also:

  • Here is an NHS fact sheet about Coronavirus for kids.
  • The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health has produced a podcast featuring two clinical psychologists about getting children with autism through this time of upheaval.
  • The Challenging Behaviour Foundation has its own Covid-19 information and resources page.       It includes information about legal rights.        They have some ideas to help to make hand washing fun.

Government FAQ

Click icon for the Cabinet Office updated do’s and don’ts.      You are now able to: exercise outdoors as often as you wish – following social distancing guidelines.        See also complete Guidance and support

SKDC has launched its Covid community information hub:

  • Phone: 01476 406177 / 406358 : 8am – 7pm
  • Email:

The friendly garden

The Friendly Garden is the location for a range of garden related events organised by the Sage Gardener.       They have made changes to the way they do things to make events COVID safe so that members can make the most of the outdoors and the natural world and feel better.      They are geared up for older people rather than children.        See Mainstream activities to find out more.


With current Coronavirus restrictions it seems wise to be aware that criminals have been seeking to exploit increased dependence on the internet.      This BBC article highlights efforts in the UK to combat on-line scams.       Click icon to view.       Here are a few pointers for safeguarding yourself.

Social story

Here is a social story about seeing people with face masks.        Click icon to take a look.       If it is not just what you want, does it give you any ideas?       See also: how to write your own         free images .


The NHS continues to update its Coronavirus page.        It is straight forward to browse.        Click icon to view.

Lincolnshire heritage & culture

Lincolnshire County Council have a number of short stories from long ago, produced by Lincoln Castle, on Youtube.       Click play button to see the list.

Lincoln Castle have also published a free audio guide download to the castle.       Click download to scan QR code with your Android or iPhone.

Virtual coffee mornings

Shine, the mental health support network in Lincolnshire, are putting on virtual coffee mornings for carers in Lincolnshire.      They are regularly on Mon, Wed & Fri on Zoom.       They offer support for learning disability as well as mental health.        Click icon for details about the latest events.        See also:  How they work        Shine basics

Key terms

Here is a table of school years and ages:


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