BBC teach

BBC teach is a dedicated teaching resource.     Click icon to browse.     It includes live lessons, such as Safer internet. and online video, divided into age and subject.

  • They also have their own Youtube channel, e.g. Welcome to BBC teach.
  • See also our guide to BBC bitesize.      Some schools refer pupils and students to Bitesize.


The SEND advice line for Lincolnshire (SALL) is an early advice service for SEND professionals.      It can help in meeting the needs of children and young people at an early stage.      It starts a conversation about the graduated approach and offers signposts to next steps and resources.      It helps professionals to talk through the main worries or difficulties.      Click icon to find out more.

See also: SEN/EHC Information      Visual aids and techniques

Speech and language

Here is a succinct summary of how autism can affect communication, from the UK government.      new

Speech and language UK, wants every child to face the future with confidence.      They aim to improve support and resources to prevent children being left behind for lack of communication skills.      Their Talking point page sets out the basics for professionals.      Click icon for their educator hub.     updated

I can charity offers a free help enquiry service for practitioners.      See footer of Speech and language UK pages about relationship to I can charity.     new

The Communication trust and consortium provide substantial resources.       Click GAIN page icon to find out about them.


SPELL is the National autistic society’s framework for understanding and responding to the needs of children and adults with autism.      It stands for

  • Structure,
  • Positive approaches and expectations,
  • Empathy,
  • Low arousal,
  • Links.     

Click icon to find out more.      link

Social communication outreach

For school children on the autistic spectrum, social communication can pose basic problems in the classroom.      They may find it hard to fit in at mainstream school or college.      Settings may not have the expertise to adapt to the needs of such pupils.     

The Working Together Team offers support to schools and academies for students with a wide range of social communication and / or learning needs.      Click icon to find out about it.

See also the bullet point outline for the team.

 Supporting inclusion

The National autistic society offers 5 tips for autistic inclusion in the classroom.       Click icon to view.     

  • Lincolnshire Council has a page for childcare providers about Early years inclusion support.      It has an inclusion support referral form and an email addresses.      Click icon to browse.
  • The teaching recruitment agency Engage also offers a brief discussion of the inclusive classroom along with a few tips.      See:  article 
  • Also, Gosberton house academy has an Aim4Lincs page.     The AIM4Lincs inclusion mark is awarded to schools who demonstrate that they follow specified good practice.  

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