Changing care?

Mental health bill

Campaigners delivered an open letter to Downing Street in Oct 2023 calling for reform of mental health law.      Click icon to read about it.      Unfortunately, the mental health bill was shelved in November.

 NHS reforms

The NHS Transforming care agenda has been aiming to support autistic children and adults in the community rather than inappropriate inpatient units.      Click icon to read about it.

 Autism Strategy

The government started developing an autism strategy in 2009 following on from the Autism Act 2009.      The aim was to ensure that adults with autism get the help they need, such as help getting a job or help at home.      Click icon for the National Autistic Society headlines for the 2021 updated strategy.    

  • The first Autism Strategy was published in 2010 with the title Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives.       Then the government asked for feedback in 2013.
  • The second strategy was published in 2014 with the title Think Autism.
  • The third covers 2021 – 26.      See: National strategy 
  • The third covers 2021 – 26.      See: National strategy       about

Lincolnshire County Council have published some documents outlining their plans for following the strategy locally for 2019 – 22.      See Lincolnshire strategyPDF     about

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