Experiences with work

  Autistic workers’ stories

Employment autism is a charity that supports autistic people to have fulfilling and productive work.
Click icon for a few autistic people’s experiences of job seeking or work.

 Job interviews

Here is a good article about job interviews for people with Asperger’s, with analysis and examples.   
It is based on the author’s own experiences.      It describes and illustrates the problems on both sides of the interviewer’s desk.      Click icon to view.      Also:

  • Here is another article about interviews.
  • So what can you do?       Here are some more tips for people with Asperger’s attending a job interview.

  Getting and keeping jobs

How do people with Asperger’s get and keep jobs?       It can be tricky.       Click icon for discussion.

  I’m not a robot

Why It’s Hard To Keep A Job When You Have Asperger’s, I’m Not a Robot.      Click icon for article    See also about the author.

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