Preparing for change

  Understanding your diagnosis

Getting an autism diagnosis as a young adult can be a moment of huge significance.      Ambitious about autism has a web page for those who want further information and support to understand their diagnosis.      It includes developing your understanding of a childhood or teenage diagnosis.     Click icon and look for:   

Making sense of your autism diagnosis – Ambitious about Autism

 Dealing with change

The National Autistic Society website has a guide to preparing for big changes in life.     Click icon to browse.

  Options at age 16

Contact, the family support charity, has produced an introduction to the support and options for education beyond 16.       Click icon to view.      See also:  the facts  

Support up to age 25

There were changes to support after age 16 in 2014.      Click icon for an easy reading leaflet about the changes.

   Click icon to view.

Tap button to download, then open in PDF viewer.  

Download PDF – 1MB

  Circles of support

Circles of support is run by Every one, a Lincolnshire based charitable enterprise.      The service will help you plan for the future.     They can help you and your family to look at who is there to support you to achieve your plan.      They can help you to plan how you would attend an activity for example or how you could have more opportunities to see your friends.      Click page icon for more information or image for leaflet.      See also Family services directory entry.

For a few life skills college courses see our College and University page.      If things are not working out at a mainstream school, have a look at Alternative education.

 Preparing for adulthood

Contact has a series of pages about preparing for adulthood.      Click Icon to  browse.

Here is the Moving on and preparing for adulthood booklet co-produced by Lincolnshire County Council and the Pelican Trust.      It is part of the Promoting independence project in response to requests for information from young people with SEND and Parent/Carers.

   Click icon to view.      See also:  Easy reading outline.

Tap button to download their easy reading outline, then open in PDF viewer.  

Easy reading PDF – 120KB

  Grades are not everything

A Masters degree graduate feels that her difficulties with social skills was overlooked at school because her grades were good.      Click icon to see what she has to say.

School years

Which school year is which?
Here is a table of school years and ages.

School yearAges
Years 1-6
Years 7-11
Years 12-13


College/6th form

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