ERIC is a children’s bowel & bladder charity serving the UK.     Their basic information and advice could be a good place to start.      Click icon to see their additional needs information and resources.      It includes:

1. Potty training

2. Help pages:   They have a helpline.    You can fill in an enquiry form requesting a call back. or an email.

3. Online support groups

4. Making the leap to secondary school.

There is more to find at the bottom of the page.

  Gina Davis

Gina Davis is best known for her Attention autism approach to getting autistic children to join in with adult led activities.       Here is her step by step guide to potty training for children with autism.       Click icon to browse.

  Bladder & bowel

Bladder & bowel is a UK Disability Living support group for promoting continence and product awareness.      Click icon for an introduction to toilet training for children with autism.

  • They also have a more general article about children with additional needs, explaining what it means to be ready to start toilet training.
  • Their child information library has an detailed additional needs section at the bottom.
  • You can contact them.     Their helpline is a Manchester number, in 1st paragraph.     Scroll down for their online contact form.
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