Dan Edmunds in practice

Dr Edmunds is a is a psychotherapist in Pennsylvania who treats people with autism.      He is also an autism-advocate who campaigns for a more humane mental health system where people have a voice.      He says that autistic acceptance and understanding underpin his clinical practice.      He believes that forging emotional connections is key.

 Autistic acceptance

He outlines why autistic acceptance and understanding are better for people with autism than behavioural approaches that have often been followed.      Click icon for article.

  Autistic empowerment

He has developed some core principles for his therapeutic work.      Click icon for an article in which he sets them out.

Quite a few people are advocating a neurodiverse approach towards autistic people these days.      Maybe Dan Edmunds is one of the more unconventional.      Sometimes he speaks out in strong terms, not least about the failings of the mental health system.      His style will not appeal to everyone but he seems to reach people that others do not.      This article illustrates it all.


Here is an interview with Dr Edmunds about his approach to psychotherapy and autism-advocacy.     Click icon to listen.     (46 minutes)

Click icon and log in to Facebook to browse his professional timeline.     Perhaps you might be interested in his

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