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Hill holt wood

Hill holt wood is a woodland social enterprise.      Here is a brief directory entry.      Click icon about visiting their woods.     Hill holt wood re-opened in 2021 and they have Norton big wood nearby.      Parking and entry is free for both.      They are between Lincoln and Newark.     See map at the bottom of their page.

They also offer supervised activities which aim to improve wellbeing for people with a learning disability or other additional needs.     You need to apply before turning up for these.      Please be aware that some facilities, like the café, may be closed.      updated

Green synergy

Green Synergy use community gardening and therapeutic horticulture for mental health and wellbeing.      They work with people wo have additional needs, including learning difficulties,      Click icon for their home page.

Hillside community garden is at the back of Lincoln County Hospital.      It is Green Synergy’s main gardening and horticulture site. 

Here are their current projects.    They seem to have a community flavour.     updated

The sage gardener

The people behind the Sage Gardener offer Talks.      You can book them to come to you.      They involve a range of garden related activities.       Click icon to find out more.       updated

They are flexible and help you learn about, and benefit from, gardening and other things related  to the countryside.      They may be indoor or outdoor, depending on the weather.      They are geared up for older people rather than children.

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Adults -> Special interests -> Mainstream activities

Adults -> Special interests -> Mainstream activities

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