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Adults supporting adults

Adults Supporting Adults (ASA) offer paid-for support, open to autistic clients.      Here is their NHS entry.      Have a look at the services outlined below.     (Home & About pages may have a technical problem.)      updated

  Love, sex & relationships

Brandon Trust supports people with learning disability in other parts of the country.       They have developed new policy, guidance, and training around relationships, sex, and sexuality.      Click icon to read about it.       It might be worth a look for anyone interested in the issues.

Thera Trust provides services in the Grantham area – scroll up to Support in the community to find out about Thera.       They have a page called Making friendships.      They can act as facilitators for their service users.

 Life-long care

Here is a guide to securing life-long accommodations for adult children with special needs from a blogger in the USA.       If offers general guidance.

Autism sign language

An autism mum has created a Facebook blog about her stories and method, supporting her non-verbal son.       Click play button for her video clip.       See also our Speech and language page.

Mental wellbeing & support

While autism is about development rather than mental health, people with autism may have mental health issues too.

  • Mind is a UK charity that provides advice and support for mental health issues.      See:  website      what we do       advocacy
  • Shine Mental Health Support Network for Lincolnshire is a signposting service pointing people to appropriate services and support.      Their website includes information and notices of local activities, events and opportunities.      See:  introduction         website
  • Samaritans offer a safe place to talk at any time, in your own way – about antyhing that is getting to you.      See website.

Special clothing

Adults with autism often have sensory issues.     They may be fussy about the clothes they wear, for example.     Hear is a list of some of the suppliers of specialist clothing .

If keeping clothes clean is a challenge, perhaps this list of some of the supplier sites of specialist body suits might be helpful.

See also

You may find some helpful material in our Speech & language page about communicating with someone with autism.

People on the autistic spectrum may sometimes get into scrapes with the law.
See our item on Autism and the law

See also: Money 16+     Support for carers     Mainstream activities

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